5 Tips for Riding Motorcycles in Hot Weather

Every motorcycle rider enjoys warm weather as it is the perfect time to ride and explore. But when the weather is too hot and you are traveling a long distance, your ride will not be as much fun. This is especially for people traveling from the east coast, where they are used to a cool climate, to the West, where the weather is hotter than what they are used to. Here are a few tips for motorcycle riding in the heat.

Wear the Right Gear

You may assume that it is okay to wear shorts and t-shirts when the weather is hot, but that is a bad idea. It is much harder to cool exposed skin. As the wind rushes over you, your sweat will evaporate, making you dehydrate faster. As much as it seems counterintuitive to wear protective clothing, you need to. Another advantage of suiting up is to protect your skin from sunburn or any other sun-related damage. Fortunately, you can find the ideal gear made of lightweight materials to keep your body cool.

Avoid Riding During the Hottest Time of the Day

If you want to avoid the scorching sun, time your rides strategically. The hours between noon and 3 pm are scorching. If you are on a road trip, start your day early. Maybe around 5 or 6 am instead of 9 or 10. At around noon, you can take a break, rest, and, if you are up to it, resume your trip at around 4 pm. One of the advantages of riding early in the morning or early evening is that there is less traffic and the roads are quiet.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest challenges of rising in hot weather is staying hydrated. And if your body is not used to the hot weather, it will demand even more water than usual. You are also likely to sweat more as your body tries to cool itself. The trick is in drinking little but often to replace the water you are losing. And if you can, a few days before your excursion, increase your intake of watery vegetables and fruits such as grapes and watermelon.

Eat Well

Another important tip for preparing to ride motorcycle in hot weather is prepping what food to eat. The food you are taking can affect your body and mind during hot weather. Start your day with something light like a banana. Bananas contain potassium, a mineral that the body needs, yet when it is hot, the body sweats it out. Stock up on salty snacks such as trail mix and peanut butter; since they contain sodium, they will help replenish electrolytes in your body.

Take Breaks

When the weather is ideal, you may go for about 120 miles before stopping. But with hot weather, you will have to reduce that distance and go for about 70 miles before stopping. Both you and your motorcycle will be happy for that rest, even if it is just for 15 minutes.

With these five tips, your motorcycle ride will be much more enjoyable. Are you looking to rent a motorcycle to start your adventure? Get in touch with EagleRider. We offer our customers powerful Motorcycles, allowing them to enjoy the open road. We also arrange Motorcycle tours through close-by national parks like Bryce, Zion, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. click here now.