Bike Trips with a Rental Bike; Good Idea or Endurance Test?

If you have limited savings, want to go on a road trip on a Motorcycle that has insurance, this article is for you.

Passionate bikers love long road trips on bikes too. But how can they experience different bikes if they keep jumping from one bike to another, spend time on selling one to buy the next one? Unless you are filthy rich, there is no reason to buy one in the first place.

What can you do about this?

Probably renting a bike is the solution.

Is it worth the risk?

You can experience a lot of bikes, go on long road trips without worrying about the extra costs or pay for the maintenance. There are websites like Eagle Share that let you rent a Motorcycle or even put your Motorcycle on rent, making extra cash from it.

Ride their bike in the dry months, return when the rains begin

The first reason why you should go for the rented bike is probably the weather flexibility. You can ride in the dry months and give it back when it rains. It can save you the costs and time that you might be spending while it stands in the shed. While you work in the rainy months, save up and revisit one of the states when the summer holidays come up.

No storage worries or added costs

Like I said, no storage responsibilities that means no extra costs you can rent a bike and give it back when you are done with the trip. This sounds easier than investing hundreds of dollars into a bike with extra costs that come following it.

Reduced maintenance costs

If you own a bike, there is a monthly maintenance cost of $100 at least. That makes it $1200 per year which you can avoid by going on a trip on a rented bike instead of buying one. That means you don’t have to pay too much for the bike even if it is just parked in the garage and save up for a rented one.

Enjoy the flexibility associated with renting a bike

No maintenance responsibilities, no extra costs, no time-consuming trips to the oil store, unpaid insurance! What more can you ask for? If you rent your bike from Eagle Share, they are providing up to $25,000 insurance for the protection of the bike.

So is it a good idea or an endurance test?

Of course, it is a good idea to rent a bike. It’s not an endurance test. But you can test the physical ability of a bike to get through the mountains, enjoy desert biking and check if the engines have failed this can be a compliance test for you to find the right bike to invest in and get your own. But experiencing a bike on long trips than then short test drives will give you benefit of the doubt.

A Final Verdict

The choice is yours. Either rent a bike; go on long trips and save your pockets from the added costs of garage-parking, or try different bikes and pay less.

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