The best company to hire a motorcycle from in America is EagleRider. We’ve been using EagleRider since 2005, when we ran our first Las Vegas to San Francisco riding tour. Since then, The Lost Adventure has become an Official Tour Operator for EagleRider, and we’ve ridden hundreds of thousands of miles on EagleRider motorcycles with our customers. So we thought we’d share some of the reasons why we feel EagleRider is the best company in America to hire a motorcycle from, whether just for a day or a long-term rental. Here goes:

#1: Location, Location, Locations – EagleRider has over 70 rental locations in the USA, in major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago , Miami and New York. But there are locations in great ride out cities like Jackson Hole, Denver, New Orleans, Maui, Salt Lake City, Nashville and many others. America is a huge country with so many different things to see – no matter where you want to ride, there’s likely an EagleRider rental location within a short distance of your destination. And EagleRider also offers rentals in international locations including Australia, South Africa, Canada, Turkey, Costa Rica and elsewhere. For a complete list of EagleRider locations, click here. 

#2: One-Way Rental – Most other motorcycles hire companies in the USA require you to return the motorcycle to the same location where you rented it. That’s fine if you’re doing a quick trip, or staying in one place, but what if you want to get out there and explore this huge country? Let’s say you want to start in Miami and ride to Las Vegas? Or fly into Las Vegas, ride to San Francisco and then fly home? Or perhaps ride Coast To Coast from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Then you need to hire your bike from EagleRider, one-way rentals are no problem (US rentals only). Why waste time doubling back to return a bike – maximize your time with a one-way hire. There is an additional fee (based on the distance between the pickup and drop off locations) for one-way rentals.

#3: Support –  At the time of rental pick up, you’re provided with a toll free emergency telephone number. In the event of a mechanical breakdown (rare, but it can happen with any vehicle) EagleRider staff will arrange for towing of your bike to the nearest EagleRider location or repair facility. We’ve been on the road and a customer’s bike started running rough; we called the local EagleRider location and brought the bike over. Within 1/2 hour the customer was on a new bike and back on the road. If you’re riding big miles, it’s nice to know that there’s a huge support network and over 70 EagleRider locations behind you in the rare event that you have a problem.

#4: Variety Of Bikes – EagleRider has a huge fleet of motorcycles in the USA – over 2,000 bikes! They’re constantly rotating new bikes into their fleet – and not just Harley Davidsons, some locations also offer Honda Gold Wings, BMWs, Triumphs, scooters, dirt bikes and ATVs. For a complete listing of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs offered by EagleRider, click here.

#5: The Largest Motorcycle Tourism Company in The World – when you rent with EagleRider, you can be confident that you’re doing business with an incredibly professional international company. EagleRider is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2012! Most companies offering tours of the US under their own brand name use EagleRider rental bikes.

Best of all, the pricing is very reasonable too – you can hire a Harley Davidson Sportster for as little as $70 US dollars a day. If you’re interested in hiring a motorcycle from EagleRider, be sure to contact The Lost Adventure. We’ve got the most competitive rates, we will quote you in Sterling, Euros or US dollars, and can provide tips and suggestions about riding in America. The Lost Adventure is a fully licensed, official EagleRider Tour Operator – contact us before you book with anyone else!

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