Top 10 Dont’s of Motorcycle Camping

Do you like traveling and living out new experiences? Are you one of those people who don’t conform with run-of-the-mill plans? Whether you’re a biker or not, you’d love to travel and go on new adventures. If you want to try something unique with lots of benefits, take a look at all our reasons to travel by motorcycle.

Traveling can be the greatest thing in life, and if on a motorcycle, so much the better!

Normally we seek out new experiences when going on holiday because when we stop our daily routines, our bodies and minds are reset and our burdens are lightened.

For those who are passionate about motorcycles, this won’t come as a surprise because you’re already quite aware of all the benefits they bring, but for those who haven’t experienced them yet and are considering taking a motorcycle trip, we’ll surely give you the push that you need here at Eaglerider we offer the best and latest motorcycle for rent with the best rates.

10 reasons to travel by motorcycle

  1. Freedom and adventure

What better way to escape from the daily grind than by motorcycle? The feeling of freedom you get on two wheels is total, and riding doesn’t merely get you to the destination: it is the destination itself.

Not only because of being in contact with the wind, the sun, and the rain, it will be because you won’t feel closed in, because you are deciding your route yourself because it will be like floating on air. Riding a bike brings such a wonderful feeling of freedom, that it’s worth it just for that sensation.

Not to mention all the adventures you can have… a thousand and one!

  1. Ease of getting around

There’s no doubt that riding a motorcycle is very easy, more than an organized trip, than taking a bus, a train or your own car. You can move more freely because it’s easier to find parking and cross narrow roads, move through traffic jams, etc. Furthermore, you’ll get to your destination less stressed out than being in a car.

  1. Shared camaraderie

Motorcyclists often feel that they’re part of a larger community.

We share bonds that differentiates us from other worlds such as the car world. We generally try not to enter into rivalries. We just try to help each other out and make the route as pleasant as possible.

The riding sensation connects us to other bikers. We even have our own language to communicate, both by words and signs.

  1. Individualized throughout

It might seem contradictory, but having camaraderie and good vibes among the riders doesn’t stop the trip from being an individual experience the majority of the time.

We like getting together, going out with friends, but who hasn’t got on a bike and taken off alone? It’s a way of living in tune with ourselves, with nature and with the motorcycle.

  1. It keeps you young and active

Traveling by motorcycle is an activity that always keeps you active.

The social component is undoubtedly exciting, but so is the trip itself. Those who travel regularly seem to feel younger and are more open to what the world has to offer. It opens your mind and keeps you away from a sedentary lifestyle and routine.

  1. It improves your physical and mental health

Motorcycles can be incredibly good for your body and your mind.

Traveling by motorcycle is very healthy because we have to make an effort when riding and firing up our neurons. According to several studies, traveling by motorcycle is very healthy: it burns off calories, tones muscles, improves mental activity, cognitive functions of the brain, concentration, and reflexes.

There is no therapy that surpasses a motorcycle trip, it’s surely the best antidepressant in the world.

  1. You’ll stop being dependent

When you plan for a motorcycle trip you have to anticipate various factors so that you won’t have any problems during the trip.

On the motorcycle, you carry your cases, papers, a tent if you go camping, tools, a basic first aid kit, food, … whatever is necessary to be self-sufficient and for stopping where you want.

You’ll have a bit less comfortable, but you’ll gain in preparedness.

  1. You’ll take more advantage of the time

When traveling by motorcycle you can move more easily. If you want to get on an alternative route because you’ve discovered something halfway down the road, you can. If you have to move through a city with restrictions, it’s a lot easier. So, in the long run, this lets you make the most of your travel time.

  1. Improve your introspection

The self-determination or empowerment you get when riding a motorcycle helps you appreciate the simple things in life. So many hours on the road make you more in tune with yourself and with life in general. There is more time for reflection and contemplation.

  1. It’s fun! a sufficient reason

And lastly and perhaps the most important, we do have a lot of fun traveling by motorcycle.

That alone would be enough to decide to live out this experience. Riding a motorcycle is great fun, it offers you multiple options depending on your skills and the challenges you like.

If you want to live out the experience in another way, you can do it with Eaglerider, on our tours or on your own fully equipped motorcycle or you can even rent from the city you at from EagleShare. We can offer you several options, but you choose the route.