Benefits of Riding with a Motorcycle Tour

If you’re considering motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas, a group tour might be right up your alley. This is an opportunity to bond with other riders while seeing some of America’s most beautiful country in the Southwest. Or, you can go solo with a self-guided tour if you’re feeling confident and don’t want to be connected to a group.

Either way, a motorcycle offers an ideal way to enhance any vacation and lets you have the freedom to enjoy the open road on a powerful machine. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of taking a motorcycle tour:

  • Finding those unique spots: A motorcycle gives you the freedom to roam, and a great tour will take you to some unexpected spots. Instead of just going to the crowded tourist places listed on TripAdvisor, a tour with a professional motorcycle company will give you that extra experience most travelers don’t get. You might stumble across a beautiful view, an out-of-the-way bar or a rough-and-tumble path. The possibilities are endless.
  • Leave the planning to us: Feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do in the Las Vegas area? A motorcycle tour company like EagleRider will take care of all the planning, preparation and details so you don’t have to. Simply show up and leave the rest to us! We’ll make sure you have a great time on one of our beautiful bikes.
  • Share the experience with other riders: On a group tour, you’ll automatically have something in common with other riders—your love of motorcycles. This can be a great chance to spend some time with other travelers while seeing the truly unique sights our region has to offer.
  • No worries about breaking down: First of all, we keep all our motorcycles in excellent shape. In the unlikely event that something happens, you won’t be stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, taking the guesswork out of the equation for you.

When you’re in need of motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas, the top name is EagleRider. We’re here to make your dreams of riding on the open road come true. Our experienced and friendly staff is here to help you through every stage of your trip. What makes EagleRider so unique is a combination of our bikes, our knowledge of the region’s tourism hotspots and our ability to tailor your experience to be unique and unforgettable.

We have a wide selection of well-kept, comfortable, powerful Harley-Davidson motorcycles, so you’ll be sure to find a bike that fits your tastes. We also keep all our Motorcycles rentals in top working order.

How to Make the Most of Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas

What’s the first thing you want to do when you arrive in a new area for vacation? You likely want to try the local cuisine, check out historic landmarks and take in highly talked about scenery. But what if you don’t have transportation, or you’re tired of being in a stuffy car? The solution is to rent motorcycles to get around to do all the things you want to do while in town. With a motorcycle, you get an unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery and get to see popular sites along the highways.

Are you down for a motorcycle ride? Here are some ways to make sure you get the most out of self-guided motorcycle tours in Las Vegas.

Plan ahead

The best thing you can do for any trip is to plan ahead—especially if you need to rent a vehicle like a motorcycle. Reserve your motorcycle rental in advance to stake claim on a bike, because it’s not guaranteed that a company will have same-day rentals available. To use your self-guided tour time wisely, outline the things you want to do and see in order with the absolute must-dos at the top. Also, to avoid wasting time, regularly check the weather forecast and updates on road conditions for the routes you want to take.

Stay organized

It’s especially important that you and your party get and stay organized when your self-guided motorcycle tour is limited to less than a few days. It’s suggested that you create a solid itinerary complete with all the sights you want to see and schedule stops along the way. Mark your maps and don’t veer off the mapped course, or you risk getting lost.

Take advantage of motorcycle tour company suggestions

Just because you opted for a self-guided motorcycle tour doesn’t mean the rental company is going to leave you stranded. At EagleRider, we go above and beyond the call of duty for out-of-town visitors. Not only do we help get you on the road fast, but we’ll also point you in the right direction with route recommendations and readable maps. We can even get you set up with hotel reservations. Whether you’re on a one-day road trip or a multiple-day tour, let us help you organize your trip so you can spend more time having fun.

Rent plenty of time

From some of the greatest parks in the nation—like Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone and Death Valley—to the always-scenic California Highway 1, there’s a lot to see in and around Nevada. This is all the more reason to make sure you rent plenty of motorcycle time.

Whether you want to take a full guided tour or prefer leading the way on a self-guided tour, EagleRider has everything to make sure your time in Nevada is exciting and memorable. To reserve high quality bikes for motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, be sure to contact our helpful team. We can also answer all your questions and help plan your tour!

Thinking About Getting a Motorcycle? Try a Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas First!

Selecting the right motorcycle is a serious decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want your selection to excite you every time you get the chance to ride, and to ultimately be something that you can take pride in owning. In addition to being an all-around great time, a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas can actually assist with this decision and help you make sure that the first bike you purchase is just right.

A real test drive

When you are looking for a motorcycle, you can always go to a dealer and test drive different models. The problem with these, though, is that they can be somewhat insufficient and leave you uncertain that the motorcycle is really for you. In order to know when you have truly found the right bike for you, you need to spend a substantial amount of time with the motorcycle, operating the varied functions and safety features and getting comfortable with the basic ergonomics. You need to feel in control at all times when riding your motorcycle, and spending time on different bikes to get a feel for things like different handlebar positions or seating options will go a long way in helping to do this.

One of the best ways to spend time with different types of bikes to find out just which one will be the best for you to purchase is by renting a motorcycle. You can rent as many different models as you feel you need to over a period of time to help narrow down your search and ensure that, when you are ready to buy your own bike, you know exactly what you are looking for.

Be informed

Another benefit that comes from renting a motorcycle before purchasing your own is the information you will be able to learn, both about different types of bikes and about yourself and your personal preferences. Instead of heading to the dealership as a completely blank slate with no idea what you are looking for, renting a motorcycle in advance can be a valuable, enjoyable research experience.

This way, by the time you do decide to head down to the dealership, you will have a good general idea of what you are looking for in terms of model, fit and size, which will allow the sales professional to build upon your suggestions and match you with what you need. Just having a few of these basic preferences pinned down in your head will help make the search for your first motorcycle a lot less stressful.

If you are looking to purchase your first motorcycle, it is important that you find something that matches you perfectly, and that you feel comfortable and confident with every time you ride. If you are serious about finding the perfect bike and want to do some research with a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, give us a contact EagleRider. With an extensive selection of top-of-the-line, well-maintained motorcycles, we have just what you need to get started on your search.

Motorcycle Maintenance: Not Your Concern When You Have a Rental!

Buying a motorcycle sounds enticing, but you might find yourself reluctant to commit after calculating the potential maintenance costs. From changing the oil to checking tire pressure, it can be a lot if you’re just looking for a recreational vehicle to take out on a joy ride every once in a while. Especially if you’re just starting out, renting a bike might be a better option for you to get a feel for a few different models and styles. You won’t have to worry about maintaining a bike when you choose a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, NV.

Rentals Come with Roadside Assistance

While it would be a bummer if your motorcycle broke down during a cross-country trip, with a rental, you will likely have roadside assistance. They’ll send someone out to help you if you simply run out of gas or if your bike breaks down. Best of all, since it’s a rental, you won’t have to worry about what the cost behind breaking down would be. Simply return the bike to the rental store and let them handle everything.

Cross Country Without the Hassle

One of the biggest appeals for hopping on a motorcycle is taking it across the country. Buying a motorcycle for a trip like that means you’ll immediately depreciate its value by putting all of those miles on it. When you get a rental, however, those added miles won’t mean a thing to your wallet. Most rental companies rent by the day without placing a cap of the miles you put on the bike. Even better, some motorcycle rental companies offer one-way rentals, so if you’re heading across the country, you don’t necessarily have to ride it all the way back.

Get Cheaper Insurance

When you rent a motorcycle, you can always take the risk of waiving the extra insurance fees and just hope you don’t cause any damage to the bike. However, the insurance options are often super cheap compared to what they would be if you owned a bike, which is frustrating if it spends most of its time in the garage. Upgrading your motorcycle rental insurance costs just a little bit extra on a daily basis, and you’ll be able to ride worry-free.

No Repairs to Deal With

As with any vehicle, a motorcycle will require some repairs over time. Renting a bike for extended periods of time will require you to check the tire pressure and gas tank every now and then, but owning one will require far more of this attention. Choosing a motorcycle rental ensures you that you’ll be riding a bike in top condition, and any repairs that will be needed down the line are the rental company’s responsibility, not yours.

If you’re ready to look into a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, NV, then come to EagleRider. We have a vast selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for you to choose from, all in great condition. Visit our website now to reserve your bike and check out several of our motorcycle tour options. We guarantee you’ll have a memorable trip!

The Best Way to Keep Your Harley Clean

Many Harley-Davidson owners affectionately refer to their motorcycles as “hogs.” Just because you might refer to your bike as a hog is no reason for it to look like a pig.

Whether you ride an 883 Sportster or a big touring bike, your Harley always is happiest when it looks its best. So are those with whom you might ride. Looking its best starts with knowing how to wash a Harley.

A dirty motorcycle has a variety of contamination from:

  • Dead bugs
  • Bird droppings
  • Road grime
  • Dust and dirt
  • Road tar

Many other things also could collect on your Harley and get into the tiny cracks and crevices where corrosion loves to get its start. Regularly washing your bike is the best way to keep it clean.

How To Wash a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Many people make mistakes when they wash their motorcycles. They might use a high water pressure at a self-serve carwash instead of low flow from a hose, squirt bottle, or bucket of water. High water pressure could blast water into the air intake and electrical systems.

You should use a clean sponge or cloth, warm soapy water, and a lint-free towel to clean and dry off your bike’s painted, powder-coated, and chromed surfaces.

The idea is to remove any contaminants. Then you can make it shine with some simple detailing and waxing.

Detailing Can Fix Paint Imperfections

Once clean, you can use some Harley detailing tips to get the best results. The cleaning process will help you to locate small scratches, stone chips, and other paint imperfections.

You might be able to wet sand scratches that do not go through the clear coat or the paint. You also might need to apply touch-up paint to deep scratches and chipped paint.

The wheels might require a brush or even a toothbrush to clean thoroughly. Some Bar Keepers Friend can help to remove especially tough contamination, such as mineral deposits from rainy conditions that affect your wheels.

You can use a soft metal polish, like Mother’s, to clean the chrome. A soft and lint-free cloth will help you to work it into the corners, tight spaces, and dirty areas to clean the chrome and metal to a clean shine.

How To Keep Your Bike Clean

After your bike is clean and fully detailed, you can keep it looking great by applying wax to the painted and powder-coated surfaces. The wax will help to protect the paint and powder coat against harmful UV rays and commonly encountered contaminants.

You should keep it covered as much as possible to keep the weather, bird droppings, and tree sap off your bike. Even if you park it in a closed garage, a cover will help to keep dust from collecting on your bike. Occasional use of spray wax and cleaner can help to keep it looking great between rides.

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Which Type of Motorcycle Gear Is Ideal for Your Las Vegas Motorcycle Tour?

Too many people think that wearing leather gear when you ride a motorcycle is just a way to look cool. And sure, sporting a leather jacket when you hop on your bike reminds people of James Dean, but there’s actually a purpose to wearing this type of gear. It’s particularly important to wear high-quality leather gear when you’re spending the money on motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas.

Different leather types

You’d be surprised at the variety of leather types you can purchase when selecting the motorcycle gear that’s right for you. The following four leather types are the ones you want to purchase when selecting the gear you’ll use for motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas:

  • Cowhide: Most top-of-the-line gear is made with cowhide. Investing in cowhide leather boots, jackets and gloves keeps you safe when you’re cruising around town or hitting the road. Anything you need to protect yourself on the road can be found in cowhide leather.
  • Kangaroo: Also known as k-leather, Australia’s well-known marsupial produces lightweight, strong leather. Motorcycle gear constructed from kangaroo leather is usually more expensive because it’s not quite as heavy as cowhide and does not require as much treatment before being made into jackets, gloves and boots.
  • Goatskin: Soft and supple, leather made from goatskin is durable and feels amazing. This leather is so tactilely pleasing because of the lanolin that goats also produce.
  • Synthetic leather: This Vegas-friendly option, also called faux leather or artificial leather, is used to manufacture many motorcycle shoes, boots and gloves. Synthetic leather is abrasion-resistant as well, which is appealing to motorcycle riders who like to ride at full throttle.

Full-grain vs. top-grain leather

Leather can be treated in a number of different ways. When it comes to leather used for motorcycle gear, you want to purchase either top-grain or full-grain leather. Top-grain leather has been sanded down to remove any imperfections or blemishes, yet it still retains its strength and durability.

Full-grain leather is the strongest grade of leather available. Though it might have a blemish or two because it hasn’t been sanded down like top-grain leather, full-grain leather is worth the investment, as it will likely keep you safest on the road. Since full-grain leather is so reliable and strong, it will cost you more than top-grain leather, but it’s well worth it.

Mostly, it’s important to purchase high-quality leather gear prior to your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas. This gear provides that extra layer of protection to keep you out of harm’s way when you’re riding.

Whether you are embarking on a single day trip or a multi-day adventure, you want to come prepared for motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas. From the Hoover Dam to Mount Charleston, and Red Rock Canyon to the Valley of Fire, you do not want to miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. If you want to learn more about touring in and around Las Vegas on motorcycles, Contact EagleRider. We look forward to welcoming you!

How To Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Winter motorcycle maintenance is important. If you are one of the unfortunate souls who live in a location that prevents you from riding your motorcycle for a few months out of the year, you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. There are many steps you can take to ensure your bike will be ready for you to ride as soon as the weather breaks.

Steps to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Winter motorcycle prep involves a few steps.

Step 1: Clean the Motorcycle

Make sure that you clean your motorcycle before you store it for the winter. Condensation, dirt, and the fluctuation of temperature come together to form corrosion on your bike. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to put your bike away, clean and buffed. This is the time to give your motorcycle a good detailing. If you’ve missed the time to do that, you can still invest in some good spray and some cleaning products to use in the garage.

Step 2: Change the Oil

As clean as your motorcycle is, your engine should be the same during storage. It is best to perform an oil and filter change to flush out any contaminants before storing it away for the winter. You can purchase a product called Sea Foam that contains water absorption properties to apply to your fresh engine oil.

Step 3: Take the Top Off the Tank and Add Fuel Stabilizer

There will be a significant amount of air trapped the longer you let your fuel tank sit. This means that you will wreak more havoc on your fuel system. Fluctuations in temperature can result in moisture in the air evaporating in the sealed environment. As a result, condensation will occur. A metal tank will start to corrode if it is exposed to these conditions, which can cause rust to develop. This can weaken your tank and clog injectors, jets, and fuel filters.

Step 4: Empty the Carburetors

If you have a motorcycle that is fuel injected, you can skip this step. However, if you have a motorcycle with a carburetor, you will need to make sure you get all the fuel out to prevent the needles and jets from becoming clogged with the old fuel. An easy method to use to make sure they are dry is to turn on your fuel supply valve to the off position and allow the bike to run until it is out of gas.

Step 5: Plug the Exhaust and Airbox

When a motorcycle is stored for long periods of time, critters can get into the engine. An easy way to prevent this from occurring is to plug all entrances, including the open airboxes and exhaust pipes.

Step 6: Inflate Tires and Charge the Battery

Motorcycle storage also means inflating the tires of your bike, or elevating them since they can develop flat spots if left for a long while. Also, if you leave your bike without doing anything to the battery, you may have to replace it. Make sure you charge it.

Step 7: Cover It

The last step is to protect your bike with a cover before storing it. You can use old sheets, moving blankets, or even drop cloths.

For Any further information contact us at EagleRider.

Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle at Night

There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle at any time of day, but riding at night presents specific safety challenges that you should prepare for. Safety needs to be the highest priority for every rider.

As the sun goes down, visibility decreases. Since motorcycles are harder to spot than larger vehicles, it’s your job to make sure everyone else on the road can see you coming—and not to take any additional risks. Here are some of our best motorcycle night riding safety tips in Las Vegas, NV.

What to look out for

  • Drivers under the influence: Living in or traveling to Las Vegas can be fun, but with that reputation for fun comes a lot of people driving when they shouldn’t be. Driving at night increases the risk that you’ll encounter drunk drivers, especially between the hours of 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. If you see someone who looks like they should be driving, get around them as soon as possible and report them, if you can.
  • Animals: Nocturnal animals use the nighttime hours to look for food, among other activities, but sometimes this leads them into the road. Be aware that you may suddenly encounter an animal frozen in your headlights, and remember not to put yourself in danger by swerving to avoid them.
  • Obstacles and road hazards: Since your vision is limited at night, it’s much harder to see road hazards in enough time to fully avoid them. Potholes, gravel, sinkholes and debris can lurk in the darkness—as much fun as it might be to speed, following traffic laws while riding a motorcycle at night in Las Vegas, NV is far safer.

How to make yourself visible

  • Reflective tape: Since your bike is smaller than most other vehicles, it’s harder for other drivers to see you. You can add reflective tape or stylized decals to your helmet, bike, jacket and backpack to make sure you’re easily spotted when in range of headlights or streetlights.
  • High-visibility clothing: It’s never a bad idea to make yourself more visible from head to toe, even in the daytime. Many companies make high-visibility clothing in Dayglo or reflective options (often both) to ensure that everyone sees you coming and going. Wearing high-visibility clothing can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident by 37 percent.
  • Lighting: Thanks to LED lights and other aftermarket technology, there are also plenty of lighting options available for your bike. Of course, your bike should have all the legally-required lights, but you can amplify or otherwise improve them. For example, LED headlights are brighter and burn significantly longer, while some headlights send out a low “pulsing” light, making you more visible to traffic. There are also LED flashers and auxiliary lights to ensure that others can see you, and you can see the road.

There are many more nighttime motorcycle riding tips to be had in Las Vegas, NV—learn more about best practices and get ready for the trip of a lifetime when you reach out to the team at EagleRider today.

Renting a Motorcycle in Las Vegas, Nevada: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve ever been to another city in the United States, don’t expect Las Vegas, Nevada to be anything like that. One of the most unique and mind-blowing cities in the world, Las Vegas will amaze you, startle you, and keep you entertained for the entire duration of your stay there. Of course, Las Vegas is known for gambling and partying, hence why it’s called “Sin City,” but there are also plenty of other, more holy activities that one can participate in around the city.

Las Vegas is the county seat of Clark County, Nevada, and is currently the 25th most populated city in the United States. And it’s incredible that a city was even built on the site at all considering that the metropolitan area is surrounded by large expanses of the Mojave Desert. From dining to gambling to over-the-top performances and nightlife, Las Vegas will keep you constantly entertained for however long you choose to stay there. And with so much to do in this fabulous city, the best way to make the most of your time is to hire a motorcycle and cruise around the streets.

Here is everything you need to know about hiring a motorcycle in Las Vegas. Most things here can also be applied if you are renting a motor scooter. This guide includes:

  • Whether you can drive in Nevada with a foreign license
  • Whether it’s safe to drive a motorcycle in Las Vegas
  • The cost of motorcycle rental in Las Vegas
  • Where to find motorbike hire in Las Vegas
  • The best motorcycle routes around Las Vegas

Welcome Las Vegas.jpg

Can You Drive in Nevada With a Foreign License?

When it comes to driving in the United States with a foreign license, the laws differ in every state. In Nevada, if you plan to drive with a foreign license, you will need an accompanying international driving permit (IDP) to present to law enforcement if you’re pulled over. If you want to drive in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada, you should make sure to have your driver’s license from your home country, an IDP, and your passport on you at all times.

If you want to apply for an international driving permit, you can do so online here. There is a $20 application fee and you should make sure that you apply at least two weeks before leaving your home country because that’s how long it usually takes to come in the mail. Once you have an IDP, it is valid for one full year.

Is It Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in Las Vegas?

In general, the roads in Las Vegas are maintained very well and there is ample signage that will tell you where to go. However, driving in Las Vegas is more dangerous than most other places in the United States due to reckless drivers. Drivers in Las Vegas are far more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than most other places in the country. A lot of this has to do with drunk driving and the party atmosphere of the city. When you’re driving in Las Vegas, it’s best to be aware of your surroundings at all times and drive very cautiously.

In terms of violent crime in Las Vegas, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about as long as you don’t wander too far from the Vegas Strip at night. The side streets around the Strip are not very well-lit at night and can be dangerous. So, if you’re driving around Las Vegas at night, it’s best to stick to the Strip. However, it’s probably better to just avoid driving at night at all.

Where Can You Rent a Motorbike in Las Vegas?

If you plan on flying into Las Vegas, you’ll probably arrive at McCarran International Airport, which is located in Paradise, Nevada but is the closest airport to Las Vegas. You won’t’ be able to find motorcycle hire at the actual airport; however, there are several rental shops just a short distance away.

Once you’re in the city, just like everything else you might want to find, the best place to look for motorcycle rental is on the Strip. You can walk down the Strip and probably find motorcycle hire in a matter of minutes as long as you don’t get distracted by a casino or a burlesque show. Also, hotel employees in Las Vegas are typically extremely accommodating, so asking them where to find motorbike rental is probably a good move.

Where Are the Best Places to Ride a Motorcycle Around Las Vegas?

Now that you’re fully prepared to find your perfect rental motorbike in Las Vegas, here are some of the best places in the area to go for a ride:

Red Rock Canyon

Drive 15 minutes out of Las Vegas and visit Red Rock Canyon State Park. The park offers 13 miles of cliffside roads with incredible views of the canyon. Just make sure to take it slow because the roads can get pretty windy at times. If you want to hop off your motorcycle for a bit, the park is also home to some outstanding hiking trails.

Red rock Canyon Las Vegas.jpg

Lake Mead to Valley of Fire

If you have a few hours to dedicate to one of the most amazing scenic drives you’ll see in your life, drive 20 minutes out of Las Vegas to Lake Mead North Shore. From there, you can drive the 100-mile route that ends at the spectacular Valley of Fire State Park. Both of these locations are extremely impressive, and the drive between them is nothing short of breathtaking. You’ll pass by Lake Mead, some massive cliffs, and vistas that make for incredible photos.

Mount Charleston

Most people don’t think of Nevada for its mountains, but Mount Charleston is an impressive natural landmark with some amazing peaks. It sits about 35 miles outside of the city of Las Vegas, but it’s well worth the journey. The road winds up Mount Charleston and you can see the surrounding landscape from all sides of the mountain. Plus, it’s a great place to escape the heat of the desert.

Hoover Dam

Located about 37 miles outside of Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam, one of the most impressive landmarks in the United States. The sheer size of the dam is rather impressive, and the looping road that leads around its perimeter gives you the opportunity to see this marvel of engineering from all angles.

Drive Through the Desert in Las Vegas

While most people spend most of their time in Las Vegas gambling and partying, which is definitely worth experiencing, you’d be missing out if you didn’t rent a motorcycle and explore the city and all of the amazing locations around it. If you want to make the most of your stay in Las Vegas, hop on a rental motorcycle and take a cruise through the desert.

The Best Ways to Learn Riding a Motorcycle

Have you always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle? You might be wondering how to get started.

The good news is that if you already know how to ride a bicycle, you’ve got a head start in terms of learning how to ride a motorcycle. You are already capable of balancing on two wheels, a basic skill needed for riding a motorcycle. From there, you’ll need to learn how to manage the gears and the speed, how to safely stop the bike, how to navigate turns and curves and some of the elements of safe motorcycle riding.

Here are a few steps you should follow when learning how to ride motorcycles:

  • Get the gear you need: Before you hop on the bike, you should make sure you have all the gear you need to stay safe. No matter how experienced you are or how far or fast you intend to travel, you should wear a helmet, gloves, boots that cover the ankles, motorcycle pants and a motorcycle jacket. Seek out abrasion-resistant clothing and gear that will protect you if you must put your bike down.
  • Consider the bike you’ll use: Make and model isn’t as important as the weight of the bike and the power ratio when you’re first getting started. When you’re first learning how to ride a motorcycle, it’s beneficial to have a lighter bike that’s easier to maneuver. You can always move up to something bigger, heavier and more powerful as you get more comfortable.
  • Practice braking: It’s important to get the hang of braking early on as you’re learning how to ride a motorcycle, as this is a key component of safe riding. The pedal on the right side of the bike is the rear brake, and the lever on the right handlebar is the front brake. Use both brakes evenly to slow down or come to a complete stop. Press the brake and pull the lever gradually and gently, rather than wrenching or stomping. This will help you prevent the wheels from locking up and potentially throwing you off balance.
  • Learn how to turn: It takes a lot of practice to get used to how to maneuver a motorcycle. Riding a bike in a straight line is, obviously, much easier than riding a bike around corners, turns and bends. You can’t just rely on the handlebars here—you will also need to lean with your bike to keep it balanced and steer in the proper direction.
  • Get comfortable with the clutch and throttle: The thing that scares most new riders is learning how to shift gears. Most motorcycles have five gears and a neutral setting: down, then neutral, then second, third, fourth and fifth. Pull the clutch in, get it into first gear and then lightly roll the throttle and release the clutch simultaneously, just like in a manual transmission vehicle. When the bike begins to move, you can slowly let out the clutch while adding throttle. At higher RPM (revolutions per minute), you can pull in the clutch, back off the throttle and move up gears.

For more tips as you learn how to ride motorcycles, contact the team at  EagleRider.