The Grand Canyon Is a Must-See Motorcycle Road Trip

If you’re headed to Nevada for a three-day weekend or a long vacation, then you probably know it’s the home of many wonders, both natural and man-made. However, nothing can beat the majesty of the Grand Canyon.

The Canyon is located about two hours from The Strip, just over the border with Arizona, and it’s one of the most breathtaking sights you could ever see. If you opt for a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas as part of your vacation itinerary, then a quick trip to one of nature’s most impressive creations should absolutely be on your list.

Getting to the Canyon

Here at EagleRider, we rent a wide array of motorcycles to riders both experienced and new, and we even help customers navigate self-guided motorcycle tours around Las Vegas. While all of these are wonderful experiences, the Grand Canyon is simply a cut above. Leaving the lights of the hotels and the casinos behind and hitting the desert’s open roads is hard to describe. It’s a feeling of freedom and anticipation, and it can all start with the right motorcycle rental in Las Vegas.

The great part about approaching the Canyon from the west is that you have your pick of routes. You can head for either the South Rim or the North Rim—both routes have pluses and minuses that our staff will be happy to discuss with you.

Riding around the Canyon

Once you arrive at the Canyon and have soaked in its splendor, there’s one more thing you can do. Riding “rim to rim” is often discussed by motorcyclists, and it means going all the way around from one lip to the other. Motorcyclists approaching from the direction of Las Vegas will often arrive at the South Rim first, which is far more heavily trafficked with tourists.

The North Rim’s beauty is much more remote and untouched, and it’s possible to reach it through a network of roads that take you around the edge. This is a long trip, so plan on camping out at least one evening during your ride. The effort is all worth it because nothing is quite as unforgettable as waking up to a sunrise over one of the greatest natural creations on the planet.

Preparing for the trip

A motorcycle rental in Las Vegas is unlike one in other parts of the country. For starters, you’ll be riding through mostly desert terrain, especially if you’re headed for the Grand Canyon. This is an unfamiliar experience to a lot of people, so you’ll want to make sure you’re fully equipped with plenty of food, water, gasoline and camping equipment. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes, too—the desert gets quite chilly when the sun starts going down.

The phrase “pictures just don’t do it justice” was tailor made for the Grand Canyon. People have heard about it or seen it in books for their entire lives, but absolutely nothing compares to finishing up a great ride from Las Vegas. No trip to the Strip should be complete without seeing some of the natural splendor that surrounds our city, and the Grand Canyon tops it all.